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4 definitions by GOOFY

A cock tease which usually leaves you in confusion.
Scoody:*Gets on top and starts licking ear*
Scoody Victim:*Gets on top of Scoody*
Scoody:*Pushes away* "What the Fak are you doing!!!"
Scoody Victim:*Shrugs*"Wot I thought you wanted the Sax?"
by Goofy April 18, 2005
20 inch Plus rims usually 22's
Them some phat twinkys on ur caddy.
by GooFy February 23, 2003
Multicolored tag in large bubble letters
That crew tagged a phat bomb on dat wall!
by GOOFY February 19, 2003
noun. A large arab person, who eats too much, is very shy or totally gay.

verb. An expression of how fat someone is.
Jeez! That person is bigger than bubbah!
by Goofy April 08, 2005