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A amazing Swedish black metal band that has pushed the limits farther than most bands during its time. Vocalist Jon was in for 7yrs for murder of a homosexual. Jon and Dissection has made it clear they are not racists and the murder was not of 'hate crime'.
Qoute: "I, we want our fans to know and to make it a point that it is not and never has been part of our policy or philosophy to be a part of racism and what it stands for" - Dissection
GOAT: Fear the Rebirth of Dissection!!!
Closeminded: Your stupid go listen to rap and what mtv says to listen to.

GOAT: If you are reading this go to www.Dissection.nu
by GOAT FUKER February 27, 2005
Another word for Acid/Lsd, popularized by Family Guy (FG)

SmellyHippys: hey Peter take this
Peter: What is it?
SmellyHippys: Its a cheese burger ( laughs)
by GOAT FUKER March 06, 2005
Count Grishnack did not kill Euronymous just be more evil. Thats what the media and newspapers said to sell more. It is false statement accordin to Count Grishnack. In interviews he clearly stated that he Euronymous tried to kill him first but Grishnack got Euronymous's shotgun an scared he off. Later Count Grishnack came and stabbed Euronymous 16 times in back 5 in the neck and 2 in head. Count Grishanck was later senteced to 21 years in jail (in Norway). They also found stolen dynomite and plans to blow up church on a holiday. He later escaped took stole car an went on police chase for day. When they captured him they found guns, gas mask, grednades, weapons ect. in the car. Count Grishnack or Varg Vikernes is still in jail in Norway were he worked on his one man band Burzum.
Count Grishnack is know for his infamous acts and his works of his ambient black metal band BURZUM
by GOAT FUKER February 06, 2005
Armenian food that consists of meat,rice and other stuff wrapped around grape leaves or cabbage leaves an cooked.
GOAT: I have some dolma at my place
Armo: Ah sounds good
GOAT: Yaa let go im hungry

GOAT: I like green (grape leave) dolma better than white (cabbage)
Armo: Ya me too, the tighter the better
by GOAT FUKER February 27, 2005
The "og" in Norwegian means "and"
Blod "og" aske av gud

The writing above is in Norwegian, be jealus
by GOAT FUKER March 09, 2005
It has been tried and tested and results have shown this site is as/or even more addictive than H.
God (cuntess): Yo u want to do some H?
Jesus (cunt): No way, im already hooked on www.zombo.com
cuntess: Sucks ass, wonder why i ever mad that site
cunt: That was me!!!

welcome to zombo com
by GOAT FUKER February 25, 2005

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