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Hot Soup is a variation of a Hot Lunch which, in this case, rather than delivering a solid log of crap, you deliver the liquified, diarrhea version thereof. It's heinous, it's awful, you can dazzle your friends by throwing its use out in conversation.
"Did you ever give your girlfriend a hot lunch?"

"No, but I wasn't feeling too well and gave her some hot soup to make myself feel better. Hot soup makes everyone feel better."
by GLM79 May 08, 2008
Irish Cuisine is what you call delivering a hot pile of liquified feces onto your lovers chest during intercourse. It gets its name thanks to the description Denis Leary gives for traditional Irish food being boiled in a pot for 17.5 hours.
"I served up some Irish Cuisine for my girlfriend last night."

"Oh yeah? How'd she like the corned beef and cabbage?"

"No I wouldn't give her that - I had diarrhea and shit on her chest after I fucked her."
by GLM79 May 08, 2008

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