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A complix yet simple mind. Thinks of everything at the same time. Able to produce a very well organized algorithms while driving "The Green Car". His projects with Daher was never complete. but they hold the best of man's thinking abilities.

Discards any programming advices given by people in the power of C++ .
void GetObject( object *& const ( & (const ojbect))));
by GL April 12, 2004
There are two types of Emo people

1; Stupid people who think emo is the new 'thing'

2; People who don't have good control over their emotions but are still really fun to hang out with and yes, they do smile.
Type 1
OMG! Did you see all those cool Emo guys/girls on TV! I am so going emo!

Next day
*wearing all black, cuts on their wrists and a new playlist.*
No one understand's me. I just don't belong in this world. I just want to die.
*puts in emo/punk music they secretly hate.*

Type 2

Can you please leave me alone right now? I really want to be alone for a while.
*Awhile later*
And did you hear about that Warped tour contest!? Oh! I am going to die if I don't go!!

*blast crown the empire while jumping around happily singing along to songs by the band*
by gl May 06, 2014
Someone who does not have a reason against something. And still believes it is bad at the present time.
This insult was once introduced by AK at the time when people needed it. The target of this insult can never be different from AK himself, though, time passes when people started to realize that this is the exact term that describes the Suko situation above.
- Do you like to party?
- No!
- Why not?
- I don't know.
- Do you have a reason?
- No!
- Then what tha?
- Whatever.

This guy is a Suko.
by GL April 12, 2004
ones whose balls slap around in their pants.
you man...you got slappy pants today...
by GL October 17, 2003
A word to descirbe what one is doing. Can be used in many fashions.
1. to Speed in a vehicle
2. to be high or drunk
1. Im taking around
I have to tank it to work
2. I am so tanked right now
Lets got get tanked
by GL October 17, 2003
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