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grestest band around with metals heaviest drummer n also hottest (joey jordison)
i want to have joeys babis
by gIna March 30, 2005
What we call Ashley. It derives from the common misspelling of Ashley as Ashely.
Yo Ashe, get over here!
by Gina January 28, 2005
Chung is in reference to the thigh/butt area of a person. It can also be used as a verb. To be "chunging" is to be sort of jogging or prancing so that the thigh/butt area jiggles a lot.
Kiss my chungs.
Who's that chunging towards us?
by Gina February 24, 2005
fat asshole who fucks your neighbors wife
goddamnit you fuckin' mingy!
by gina February 15, 2005
a.One of the worst rappers of all time
b.Woman degrader
c.Loves to get high all day and write songs about it
d.He is a player.
e.Likes to write songs about getting women
naked, smoking weed, and dropping like it's hot (which makes no sense).
"You are such a Snoop Dogg!"
"Kanye West is a LOT better than Snoop Dogg, atleast he doesn't talk about getting women naked."
by Gina March 30, 2005
*District of Columbia
*Nations Capital
*Chocolate City
*Consisting of a population Dominated by African Americanz, Jamicanz, Hatianz, Nigerianz,Liberianz, Triniz,Guyanesez, Black Dominicanz, and Black Puerto Ricanz....
*Crappy Ass rodez
*Funny ass schools (startin skool in November n shyt...)
*Overall runnin shyt
Texas Mafucka: Yo where u from????

DC Nicca: DC ho

Texas Mafucka: I gotz family from dere, what part you from?

DC Nicca: Silver Spring Mont COunty bitch...

Texas Mafucka: Oh i got family from PG

DC NIcca: PG Weak...
by GiNa January 20, 2005
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