72 definitions by GINA

One who shakes hands with the man so frequently ,he pumps himself just as much as he pumps gas, hence producing so much semen that equals as much gas one puts into their car
"Didn't your MaMa eva" tell you to stop driving the masturbation fueled car?"
by Gina January 28, 2004
giving head; sucking dick
"That'd be cool to wake up gittin' some dirve."
by Gina January 19, 2003
when the semen is bloody
"Man, I really liked him til I saw his nasty chum."
by Gina January 19, 2003
Someone who is: fat, dumb, lazy, smelly, cheap, stinky, stupid, foul and dim-wiited.
Did you hear about Rob? He refuses to wash his clothes because it costs too much money and take a lot of effort. Insted he sprays them with Lysol. He is so doppy!
by Gina December 23, 2003
A Chicken Head is a female that do anything to get a man ,golddigger, materialist, and Shallow.
For a example if a man dont reach there qualification,he is not worth there time.
by Gina March 17, 2005
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