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Farting in the bathtub and biting the bubbles.
Before I go on a date, I always biff wiff and dont brush my teeth.

My father taught me to biff wiff when i was young.
by GG January 27, 2004
Ability gained after having sex with 100 women at once while a midget feeds you crack.
I can fly!
by GG September 29, 2003
not slack
im not ratha
by gg November 12, 2003
A position in sex dedicated to the defimation of women. You drop a big stinkin load in the toilet two weeks prior to meeting the cunt. Then, you hit it doggystyle over the toilet, slamming the lid on her head occasionally while she takes in the sweet aroma.
Tracy cheated on me last week so I gave her the open lid as revenge.
by GG January 23, 2004
A magical leprechaun that gives out free acid.
Yo mang, Gimmick gave me some free acid.
by GG September 29, 2003
Person of african american decent. Also see moon cricket
Damn stump jumper stole my tv!
by GG January 24, 2004
shut the fuck up
stfu heaton i own you u noob
by gg October 02, 2003

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