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3 definitions by GF2themax

"Vannessa" in T9, when typing the name, Vanessa in T9, it first shows up as Tamersa.
Whenever I write Vanessa in my phone, it says Tamersa
by GF2themax January 02, 2010
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The verbal confusion of the words "tomorrow" and "this morning" when speaking past 12 AM where it is technically morning
Person 1: Man it's late, it's almost 2 o'clock!

Person 2: Yeah I'm tired. What are our plans for tomorning? I mean tomorrow. I mean, this morning.
by GF2themax January 02, 2010
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a really good street/flatland bmx crew in southern california. a bunch of 909ers who ride Haro's ONLY and whos colors are red green and yellow (rasta)
I tried to join Grand Fatality, but they beat the living shit out of me instead.
by GF2themax March 01, 2009
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