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beat up; used frequently by small,weak black people and or wiggers, usually in defense of insignificance; if used more then three times in less then two sentences then the black person/wigger threatening with the "banging" is most likely a pussy.
Frank: Stop clownin bitch.

Jeremy: Fuck that shit cuh, i'll bang yo ass!
by GBlizzle December 01, 2007
The act of two women eating each others shit. Usually involves one female shitting piss yellow diahrrea into a cup and eating it with her dyke friend.
George: dude, look up 2 girls 1 cup on the internet.

Dan: (types in link) (PA**(&^^&$JHSN*(%$BF....WHAT THE FUCK! Fuck you man.
by GBlizzle December 01, 2007

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