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2 definitions by GBlizzle

beat up; used frequently by small,weak black people and or wiggers, usually in defense of insignificance; if used more then three times in less then two sentences then the black person/wigger threatening with the "banging" is most likely a pussy.
Frank: Stop clownin bitch.

Jeremy: Fuck that shit cuh, i'll bang yo ass!
by GBlizzle December 01, 2007
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The act of two women eating each others shit. Usually involves one female shitting piss yellow diahrrea into a cup and eating it with her dyke friend.
George: dude, look up 2 girls 1 cup on the internet.

Dan: (types in link) (PA**(&^^&$JHSN*(%$BF....WHAT THE FUCK! Fuck you man.
by GBlizzle December 01, 2007
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