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3 definitions by GBTAN

the man dick slaps the womans ass until her ass turns a reddish hue, then the woman proceeds by trying her aim at throwing shit towards the mans belongings.
"hey, did you spill some chocolate?". "no, me and this one girl did a naughty baboon and she got shit all over my car keys."
by GBTAN August 31, 2008
best done with blondes, the man proceeds to shit in his hands, and massage caca gently into the womans hair, giving it a dirty black color similar of that to the fur of a dingo. then the woman howls at the moon.
dude, there was a full moon outside, so it was a perfect oppurtunity to give my girl a frisky dingo.
by GBTAN August 31, 2008
when a man repeatedly pounds a womans vagina until her vagina lips become so loose that she can flap them like the wings of a butterfly.
hey man, last night i tore my girls cooch up so bad, i thought i experienced the butterfly effect. it was beautiful.
by GBTAN August 31, 2008