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A person with an appearance or attitude that kills an erection quickly and efficiently, without impunity.
"My ex-girlfriend used to be pretty hot back in high school, but now she's a boner assassin."
by GARY LOVES THE BACON May 13, 2004
One who specializes in assmasonry.

see: asshat, dipshit, moron, idiot, etc.
"God dammit, Chris is such a fucking assmason."

"I don't wanna hear it, assmason."
by GARY LOVES THE BACON May 12, 2004
A social gathering such as a party or concert where little to no females are present.
"Be glad you missed the party last night, man. It was a fucking dude festival. Nary a fucking girl showed up."
by GARY LOVES THE BACON November 16, 2003
Used as a noun to describe a physical object bearing no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Can also apply to one's behavior.

see: shit, asshattery

also: assmason
Object: "We could have wound up with something great, but the result, instead, was this horrifying lump of assmasonry known as Enter the Matrix."

Behavior: "Tim Roberts' continuing assmasonry regarding the Phantom is already the stuff of legend."
by GARY LOVES THE BACON May 12, 2004

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