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A cross between bender and bummer. as used in the tv show "the inbetweeners".
Me: your dad is bumder.
by G400 May 08, 2008
The guy-you-love-to-h8, the evil chief of medecine from Scrubs, the hit t.v show.
Bob Kelso: Nurse Espinoza have your boobs gotten bigger?
Carla: Dr.Kelso that is highly innaproppiate!
Turk: Sounds like a compliment to me.
(Dr.Cox and Dr.Kelso walk off)
Dr.Cox: I defintely think we got the idea of pregnancy in her head.
Dr.Kelso: Is that what we were doing? I was just making small talk.
by G400 May 23, 2008
where a free online MMORPG updates it self to stupidy and boredom.

from the game Runscape which is no longer as fun as it used to be, too many "security" updates.
me:Have you been on Sherwood?
you: yeah, they totally runescaped it.
by g400 June 16, 2008
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