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The act of being owned or dominated by a small horse.
"Did you see that kid get defeated in an epic pwny?"
by G1LB3RTandCUBBY July 11, 2011
A large group of homosexuals who are wearing multicolored clothes.
Hey dude, look at that bag of skittles!
by G1LB3RTandCUBBY July 11, 2011
The shiner is a guy/girl who has it all: Looks, Personality, etc.. They are beautiful on the inside and the out, and are meant to be with you forever.
CUBBY-"You and that chick are really close."
G1LB3RT-"I know, I'm pretty sure she could be the shiner."
by G1LB3RTandCUBBY July 13, 2011
To drink honey straight out of a plastic bottle shaped like a bear.
It was getting late and we were out of snacks, so grabbed the honey and did the bear chug.
by G1LB3RTandCUBBY July 13, 2011
God's way of brutally torturing and tormenting you until he decides to smite you.
G1LB3RT: So, so much shit has happened to me, I'm homeless, my whole family has died or disowned me, and all my friends are gone....

CUBBY: I swear man, it's this whole "Life" thing.
by G1LB3RTandCUBBY January 27, 2012
The act of running through a small house, tripping over a chair and breaking a toe, foot, etc.
Someone called the house phone, and Jeffrey did the trippin' snapper trying to answer it in time.
by G1LB3RTandCUBBY July 13, 2011
The act of grabbing one's hand and rubbing your fingers agains the back of their hand.
My friend and I greet each other with a friendly friskay every day.
by G1LB3RTandCUBBY July 11, 2011

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