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2 definitions by G.Chis

After a failed attempt of "Superman a Ho" that could lead in a slap, or worse, you scoop up the failed ejaculate to slick back your hair à la Clark Kent, mild mannered reporter. This should provide decent enough cover to vamoose in your clever guise.
That ho got irate after I tried to Superman her, she was steaming out of both ears! There was only one way out; Clark Kent Dat Ho! So I slicked back my hair, grabbed my clothes then it was make like Tom and Cruise.
by G.Chis May 14, 2008
While doing a girl from behind and just before climax you withdraw, spit on her back and sigh in relief. When she turns around, assuming you've finished, you blast her in the face; thus falling into your cum trap.
Ha bitch, you fell right into my cum trap.
by G.Chis April 10, 2008