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Talktapus...its a talking octopus...wish i had one its awesome...
Talktapus...its a talking octopus...wish i had one its awesome..Earlier!
by G April 06, 2005
The singer from the popular punk band "The Distillers". Also the hottest woman on television.
Whoa, look at Brode Dalle she can sing and she's hot too!
by G March 04, 2005
cheap, easy, loud and dumb
dat boy thort i'd be sum essex chick, do what he sed n suck his dick
by g September 17, 2003
sexy bitch.
your dad.
by G July 25, 2003
sperm, baby batter, love juice, man mayo
he splashed his manchowder on her face when he climaxed
by g March 04, 2004
The art of returning home and climbing on your (sober) girl to act like a porn star after an excessive night of drinking.
I pulled the drunk monkey on my lady last night.
by G November 26, 2003
1. Oakley polarized sunglasses worn by the famous triple-chinned poker player, Chris Moneymaker.
2. Commonly worn to look "cool" and to coerce women into having sex.

Term originated in late 2004 after long hours spent watching the World Series of Poker.
"Did you see CB with those Chris Moneymakers on? He was gettin all the breezies at the club!"
by G January 21, 2005

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