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CS pr0
HeatoN, ElemenT any great CS player
by g September 09, 2003
a person so ugly that in order to have sex with them you have to put a bag ove their head and a bag over your head in case theirs falls off.
Your momma is so ugly i bet your daddy had to doublebagger.
by G January 23, 2003
a term used when one steals anothers vagina/vaginas
also a term for someone who takes another virginity
Tom: Hey Tim last night was awesome , we stole so many vaginas.
Tim: Aye, Vaginal Theivery. Great
by G June 19, 2006
The act of being stupid, careless or just plain idiotic. (b)moving slowly, as in tutor the turtle "help me mister wizard". (c)black cloud "whoa is me" syndrome.
You tharped up man! Stop acting all tharped up!
by G January 22, 2005
Slang for a joint or shag...originates from India...pure tobocco cig
hey man..lemme smoke a beedi too
by G June 26, 2003
this person could be or all:
1. gorgeous
2. pretty
3. beautiful
4. cute
5. attractive
and can make u :
1. flip
2. crazy
3. nutty
4. pass out
5. drool

background from Crawley london, from a nice girl's nick name.
you are so smooty

that girl is looking smooty
by G January 24, 2005
1. Also known as intuition
2. The feeling of confidence one gets when making stupid calls on a draw.
"Why the hell did you just do that?"
"It's called poker incentive"
"Do you mean intuition?"
"What are you, female?"
by G October 01, 2004

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