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4 definitions by G Moore

A part in a song such as a metalcore or hardcore song, where the riffs become very heavy but melodic, causing you to get a rush of energy and slam dance like never before.
Last night during Tower of Snakes by 18 Visions, the break down was so insane I just had to mosh.
by G Moore January 23, 2005
123 39
Kick ass metalcore band that kinda went soft but its ok they still rule.
dude i saw 18 visions last night, they fuckin rocked
by G Moore October 11, 2004
14 12
Someone who is making an ass out of themself while trying to be funny
Look at Jake over there making an assclown of himself.
by G Moore October 13, 2004
9 20
A nice Blend of Hardcore music, with metal. Some what more popular than hardcore, though no matter how hard it tries it will never be popular like shitty nu-metal, which is a good thing.
Atreyu, Bleeding Through, Himsa, It Dies Today, Eighteen Visions, Nora, Poison the Well, and The Bled are all metalcore bands.
by G Moore January 13, 2005
100 167