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3 definitions by Fuzzylump

The absolute extreme in pubic hair negligence.
Guy1: was she shaved down there?
Guy2: no. she had a Demi Moore Bush.
Guy1: was it braided?
Guy2: no. it dreedlocked.
by Fuzzylump March 06, 2010
The Farmville scale is a scale used to determin the excitment of someones social life. The bigger the farmville farm the less likely someone has an exciting and busy social life.
Her farm on farmville is huge, but using the farmville scale she must be a loser.
by Fuzzylump August 22, 2010
A way to say bitch slapped without saying the word bitch.

Children say this thinking it's not going to get them in trouble.
Dad: how was school today?
daughter: it was ok.
Dad: did anything good happen?
daughter: yeah there was a fight and this girl got B slapped in the face.
by Fuzzylump March 12, 2010