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3 definitions by Furieh

Hydrogen psychosis is a fictional ailment acquired by SCUBA divers in the Wes Anderson-directed movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. It is apparently based on the very real health risk nitrogen narcosis, caused by the effects of relatively fast, relatively great changes in external pressure on the human body.
Man, you got hydrogen psychosis!
by Furieh April 08, 2006
40 7
A.K.A. RDX, an explosive widely used by the military.
The manufacture of The cyclotrimethylene (R.D.X.) can easily pollute soil and groundwaters.
by Furieh February 03, 2006
2 3
Don't know / Don't care.
Usually used in IM conversations.
- Did Alice screw Alex?
- dn/dc
by Furieh September 24, 2008
11 25