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Typically used to poke fun at what someone said or did, to show that it is stupid.

First two examples are quotes from the movie "Snatch"
"What's a gun doing in your trousers?" "It's for protection." "Protection from what? Zee Germans?"

"Then what happens to the rabbit?" "Well, it gets fucked." "Proper fucked?" "Yeah, before Zee Germans get here."

'What's with all the locks? Afraid Zee Germans are going to rob you?'

'So did you get to play?' 'No, Zee Germans did.'
by FunkRenegade July 05, 2005
To snap on someone, usually following it with extreme violence. Comes from the short video clip on the internet in which it says "Sometimes... the fat kid... just ain't hungry!" and follows with some kids throwing some (presumably) food at a fat kid, and he just walks over and punches one of the kids in the face.
"I hate Duncan, I'm glad he's gone. It's too bad we never got to see anyone go 'fat kid ain't hungry' on him."
by FunkRenegade August 30, 2005
To add an incorrect suffix to a word to make a new word that is understandable, even though it is not necessarily a real word.

see preficize
"Suffix" (an affix occurring at the end of a word) + "-ize" (engage in a (specified) activity) = sufficize (not a real word, but you can understand it)
by FunkRenegade April 02, 2006
To add an incorrect prefix to a word to make a new word that is understandable, even though it is not necessarily a real word.

see sufficize
"un-" (opposite of, contrary to) + "fast" (characterized by quick motion, operation, or effect) = "unfast" (not a real word, but preficized so you know it means slow)
by FunkRenegade April 02, 2006
To slap someone and call them a noob.
"My sister's boyfriend is such a noob." "Then noobslap him."
by FunkRenegade September 03, 2005
A spot on the human body that, if pierced, will kill a man within a few seconds, if not instantly. An example would be the abdominal aorta, located to the left of the spine, fourth lumbar down. Bleed to death in under ten seconds if stabbed there. Another would be at the base of the skull, top of the spinal column.
You want to take him out in one hit? Aim for a sweet spot.
by FunkRenegade August 19, 2005
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