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The reason I get up in the morning and the reason I pass out at night.
beer GOOD!
by Funk Naz-T August 11, 2003
The Man is the head of "the establishment" put in place to "bring us down." Though nobody has physically seen "the man," he is assumed to be a male caucasian between the ages of 25-40 and is rumored to have a substantial amount of acquired wealth, presumably acquired by exploiting those whom his "establishment" is "keeping down."
"Damn The Man!" -Victim of the "establishment"
by Funk Naz-T August 11, 2003
The labia. Beef curtains. Pootie lips.
"This month's centerfold has got the biggest meat flaps I've ever seen!"
by Funk Naz-T August 11, 2003
New Jersey dwelling male of Italian descent between ages of 18-40 who stands between 5'0" and 5'4" tall usually wearing tight blue jeans, no less 18 oz. of cheap cologne, silk shirt with no more than 4 buttons fastened(so as to expose thick carpeting of chest hair), and at least 1 lb of assorted gold jewelry not to exceed a a quality rating higher than 10 karat all whilst cruising around in an IROC-Z on a neverending, and rarely successful, mission to "get laid."
Joe Pesci in "My Cousin Vinny"
by Funk Naz-T August 11, 2003
combination of "jackass" and "asswipe." Usable as a refreshing alternative to jackhole.
"Quit hoggin' the nachos, jackwipe!"
by Funk Naz-T August 12, 2003
Redneck term for "medium." Often heard at McDonald's restaurants near trailer parks.
"Kin I git a Big Mac an' a meejum fries?"
by Funk Naz-T August 12, 2003
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