12 definitions by Funk

Slang term for marijuana primarily used in Bloomsburg, Pa.
Wanna go do some rasins?
by Funk February 03, 2004
The coolest band in the world
Man that Meat Cigars show last night rocked so hard my arms fell off!
by Funk April 25, 2003
a)When you hit up a house party and all the people there are dues. No chicks present.

b)GTs In London
How was that party on friday? That shit was a damn Dude Ranch
by Funk April 25, 2003
the act of relieving oneself of digested food.
I dooped all that broccoli I ate yesterday and I feel so much better.
by Funk January 19, 2003
gay pieces of painted cardboard that suck for investing on or recycling
scam people: Hey lets draw some mosters on pieces of cardboard and lets tell people that dont have a live that they are valuble!
by Funk March 12, 2005

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