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A person, place, or action that cock-blocks you so hard that it were as efficient as Jean Claude Van Damme traveling time to abort the child you would have undoubtedly conceived had you not been cock-blocked so ruthlessly
The Hotel Astoria in San Francisco, that one friend everyone has that tries to railroad your hook-up, or full-blown AIDS

"Why did Terry tell her I nailed Jessica... that sonavabitch can be such an Abortion Timecop sometimes"
by Functional Derelict September 27, 2011
Backwards Snap Back (BSB) pertains to a snap back hat. this is traditionally worn forwards, however a BSB is turned backwards with the bill to the back. It is the headwear of choice for dudebros, aspiring iTunes rappers, and tools in general.
Peep that gymbro hitting bench press with a BSB. He had to sit hella far back for his bill to clear the bench. This place is turning into a tool shed.
by Functional Derelict February 22, 2015

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