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When someone comes up from behind you and puts their arms around you as to hug you and then adds a pelvic thrust into your lower region.
We were in the garage and thought nobody was looking so I surprised my wife with a humphug...unfortunately our son caught us and asked what we were doing.
by FunSherah October 17, 2011
When you travel and get constipated, you might suffer from jetlog. Try as you might those logs won't leave you. Tends to occur simultaneously with jetlag.
Usually I am so regular you can set my bodily movements to a clock, but after traveling all day I have jetlog.
by FunSherah October 13, 2011
When a dog pees or marks a tree or any other object and a second dog comes along and pees in the exact same spot.
I was taking Scruffy for a walk and he peed on the rock. Immediately his furry friend Bailey went over and peerased it with his own urine.
by FunSherah October 13, 2011

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