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A phrase you exclaim when you're doing an attack that you want to sound funny because you don't know any other name for it.

John: This attack will finish you off! Take this! My ultimate move! SENSU-BENBOP-EN-WUUUU!!!

Peter: Dude wtf are you doing?
#sensu #benbop #en #wu #fumo
by Fumo November 21, 2010
Putting your arms crossed over your face and sneezing. Extra points if you flap your arms during the sneeze.

Peter: That guy sneezes funny... Oh hey look he's about to do it again! Watch!

-watches the sneeze-

John: Perfect execution of the Eagle Sneeze.

Peter: He even flapped his arms! LOL!
#sneeze #nasal orgasm #ejaculate #cold #flu
by Fumo November 20, 2010
A definition to describe a black male who is very tall and smelly who likes to play basketball but because of his height and smell, nobody is able to play him in a game and win.

Guy1: Man I hate playing against that guy in basketball. He's so freakin tall and he smells like shit dude.

Guy2: I know right? He's such an Hammad.
#ugly #smelly #shit #bitch #basketball #life ruiner
by Fumo November 21, 2010
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