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1. To Greg
2. To present ones posterior in the manner of Dr. Greg Ones (Doctor of Geology)
3. Or, to rub ones nipples while engaging in conversation
4. To order a club sandwich in a restaurant which specializes in BBQ products
So the other day at the club, this girl was totally Greging to me.
by fullmetal March 31, 2012
see also: Dumbass, shit for brains, craka, whitey, wannabe nigga, etc.
wigger - A white male, typically a high school student/dropout, who behaves in a typical "thug" or "gangsta" manner, but is only "frontin'". An embarassment to whites and blacks, I suggest kicking his ass 6 ways from sunday.
John Kangas
"Malibu's most wanted"

"What up homies, I wuz jus' kickin' it wit ma 'G's over on the west siiiiiiiiiidde!!!"

"Shut the fuck up John, you wigger!!!"

"Don' be hatin'!"

"That's it!! GET HIM!!!!"
by Fullmetal August 21, 2007
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