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Short acronym sometimes used by junior paramedics when doing a patient assessment. Stands for Signs and Symptoms, Allergies, Medications, Past pertinent information, Last oral intake, and Events leading up.
Based on the report, the paramedic's secondary survey touched on all points of the S.A.M.P.L.E. acronym.
by Fudge911 December 10, 2009
Paramedics sometimes use this term (among each other) when a patient is about read to die or is dying.
Wasn't much I could do given the three gsw's (gun shot wounds) to his upper thorax, that dude was circling the bowl even before we arrived on scene.
by Fudge911 December 10, 2009
Used in the military when shit is going bad or something is majorly screwed up. Usually accompanied with a load of additional profanity, and if possible, physical confrontation.
"The right flank met with heavy armoured resistance, what a (add multiple expletives) cluster fuck. Where was that intell we were supposed to receive?"
by Fudge911 December 10, 2009
Sometimes used by Paramedics to describe someone who isn't oxygenating their blood properly and are literally, visably, the color blue (especially in the face.) Not sure why the color blue is, in this case, associated with boots. None the less, still something that is said.
"That guy was as blue as your boots, with an altered LOC (level of consciousness) and decreased vitals"
by Fudge911 December 10, 2009
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