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An ache of the head variety.
John: I have a really bad headache. Eyes are hurtin aswell.
Mark: (aside) I knew i forgot to cook that chicken yesterday.
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by Fuckenhowzer June 27, 2007
Affects males only. The act of damaging near-at-hand objects in times of extreme anger or frustration, usin only the balls and their resident sack, which are swung in a bull-dozer type motion. Also known as scrotum inviciblus inus your face-us.
Tom: Phil's gettin angry... and he's home alone.
Desmond: Dude, i hope he dont fucken hoo-haa the tv agen.
Tom: The tv? Wot about the dog?

Fred: Hey Murph, wot happened to ur face?
Murphy: Was asleep last nite and Gary stumbled in fucking drunk and fucken hoo-haa'd me.
Fred: Then wot?
Murphy: No question about it, i went fucken hoo-haa.
#hoo-haa #hoo #haa #scrotum #sack
by Fuckenhowzer May 17, 2007
The growth in between a fat mans balls and his bum hole.
Terry: Oh man, that's fuckin sick!
Nathaniel: What?
Joseph: Shit Nat, your sir-fingus is hanging out.
Nathaniel (embarassed): You guys man...

Bob walks out of his front door naked.
Next door neighbour: "Hey Bob, ur sir-fingus is flopping around."
Bob: "yeh, cheers mate"
#sir #fingus #cir fingus #cir-fingus #sir fingus
by Fuckenhowzer May 17, 2007
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