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Jerkin' is basically two things: it's both a "dance" movement and "music genre". Originating in northern California in 2008, "jerkin'" has infected the minds of our youth, and is also a big reason why our youth is brainwashed, clueless and imbecilic, and this is coming from a teen. The people who jerk are the usual every day degenerates who we should look down upon, and simply omit. Their moronic creation of a genre is simply made from a computer, thus proving everyone in the world why jerkin' is a pointless fad and possibly the worst genre of "music" that has surfaced the earth. Jerkin' lyrics are basically something like this: "do it, jerk jerk, do it, jerk jerk" or "ima lick that pussy clean, while i jerk and eat an ice cream".
Jerk: man i love jerkin brah that shit is fukin tight u down with jerkin' dude?
Me: ....shut the fuck up.
by FuckJerkin March 13, 2010

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