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the real definition of rap music is using fast paced rhyming verses accompanied with a heavy beat an synthesizing rhythms.
by fuck off May 06, 2003
Mother I'd Like to Fuck in the Ass.
Shit, Heather Locklear is a Milfita.
by Fuck Off July 26, 2004
Guitar player for the band NOFX.
man i really wish i had hair like his.
by Fuck Off May 27, 2004
I took care of business;enforcer of gang rules or law.
he earned his I.T.C.O.B. patch for the murder of a rival gang member.
by fuck off October 20, 2003
Fat Mike is a smelly hippie!!!
"you are a hippie,you smell like scum"
by fuck off August 20, 2004
A person who kisses peoples asses

the bitch kissed my ass
by fuck off May 24, 2003
fags, people who make fun of other races because they are jealous of them
Racist Fuck-"I am a nazi, I want to have ass sex with Hitler's carcus,everyone should die except the "so called" perfect race"

Everyone Else- "You are gay, go die."
by FUCK OFF May 12, 2003

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