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what you do in case of emergency (usually during a conversation)
person 1: you're a whore!
person 2: uhh...fuck you!
by fuck you March 29, 2003
A person who you hate and the only word you can use is son of a bitch. or a word of surprise. Related to asshole
Why the fuck did you smoke all my J you son of a bitch.

Wife: Honey, I am pregnant
Man: Son of a bitch!
by FucK You November 27, 2004
Don't you wish there was a key on the keyboard that says "Fuck It"
Ahh I messed up on my essay 5 times. *Hit's the 'Fuck It' button*
by Fuck You December 25, 2003
An adjective much like chill, showing approval, contentment, or mild amusement.
Friday night was slack.
Oh man, that shot was slack!
by Fuck you October 26, 2004
1. Anything with an usual large amount of mass. 2. An overweight, cocky, and egoistic player in the NBA who plays center for the Miami Heats. Also known for having a feud with NBA star Kobe Bryant who allegedly called Shaq fat, obese, and a cry-baby. 3. A role model for obesed people. These fat people are also the ones who tend to purchase Shaq jerseys.
Person1: Hey look at that guy wearing a Shaq jersey
Person2: Yeah man, he's massive!

Kid: Dude, you better lose some serious weight or you might end up dead.
Chubby Kid: Nah, you wrong man, just look at how sexy Shaq is! I wanna grow up to be just like him!

Farmer: Betta find me a hog for dinner...oh wow, I really found meself a hog this time! It's massive, no... it's gigantic, nah...it's a Shaquille O'neal! Man, this hog's gonna last me for 40 months!
by fuck you April 24, 2005
Going by the above definition; The rectal mucus made to accomidate bowel movements. Not enough to sustain fucking, which is why lubricants must be used. As opposed to the vagina which has natural lubrication, because it was made for fucking.
"I have to go on, but these ignorant democrat cunts write the stupidest fucking definitions. The only ass juice is the diariah your mom drank."

"The butthole was made for shitting, the pussy was made for hitting."

See cunts and the "shit packer" reference in Shitskin

by fuck YOU May 27, 2003
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