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2 definitions by FrostyExchange

A house where many duggies such as meth, coke, weed users and partyers go too and "crash" (stay at)
Used in the tv lizard lick towing when they had to go to a crash house to repo a car.
guy 1: hey man where have you been staying?
guy 2: Ive been going to crash houses.
by FrostyExchange April 19, 2011
To throw a fit and bitch to get your way, normally to receive something for free or convince something to do something you want. May involve yelling, cussing, threatening to file a complaint, and other things like so.
Guy: So you get your internet fixed?
Girl: Ya I called the company and bitchafit, after while they gave in. They gave me 20 bucks off my bill and a new modem.
by FrostyExchange March 12, 2014