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Someone who scrans down a lot. (See "scran"). One of these is known to have the name Colley
1. "col ya little scranbat, wat ya playin at scrannin down on fish" - Col, you eat/consume an awful lot of food/females, what are you doing eating/consuming some ugly female

2. "Jays gonna scran down on Claire the Scranbat" - James is going to eat/consume a female called Claire
by Froogle January 26, 2005
One who has the ability to eat/consume an awful lot of the time.
1. "Col lad yav got a pyaa high rate of scranbatability on rotters" - Hey Col, you have an unmatchable ability to eat/comsume ugly female species
by Froogle January 26, 2005
Scran can mean either one persons food or consumate, or it can also mean french-kissing another person.
1. "Lad come for some scran im proper hank marvin" - Would you like to accompany me whilst i buy some food/ consumate

2. "RRRRRRRRRRR LAD, I'd love to scran down on her" - That female is rather attractive, i wouldn't mind asking her out on a date
by Froogle January 26, 2005
A sexy bitch ... who talks in all caps. Who needs to stop. Nigger.
Person: Stop talking in all caps.
Yolt: Nigger.
Person: <3 <3 <3 Lets fuck.
by Froogle April 22, 2005

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