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A large ginger person, with the body of a greek god and an 8 inch long penis. Likes long walks in the rain and playing xbox. Normally seen with mandemz snee dodzy crowther and goat.
Kid 1: Colley is so cool with his massive dick and gorgeous body

kid 2: yes i wish i was him

Colley: fuck you!
#colley #sexy #gorgoues #matt #ginger
by Laura Goulding October 20, 2009
Etymology derives from Ancient Greek for "stupid"; can also be used in reference to clumsiness and oafishness.

Strong correllation between a Colley and the tendency to wear clothes several sizes too big, perhaps to prevent further restriction of clumsy limbs.
Look over there, that bloke's just walked into a wall and knocked it over.

And have you seen the size of the guy's t-shirt?

It must be a Colley
#collie #oaf #clumsy #big #t-shirts
by EVEREF3 November 04, 2009
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