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Somebody who everyone loves, wants to be like, looks up to and wants to hang out with.
A Guyla tells the best stories, has an infectious laugh and a positive, upbeat attitude.
Guylas have excellent driving and board game skills.
You always want a Guyla on your team.
This party is boring, I hope somebody gets their Guyla on to entertain us all.
by Fritopia March 17, 2009
A person who gets so drunk that the can no longer hold conversations, talk normally or function like a normal human. Drunkenstein can usually only stiffly walk to the bar and order more booze in a language only a bartender will understand.

Drunkensteins tend to grunt and groan more frequently than normal drunks.

Drunkenstein has been known to say "Booze gooood, water baaad!"
Check out Drunkenstein heading back to the bar. I bet he's not ordering water!
by Fritopia March 18, 2009
A person who is fed so many drinks from another drunk (the Drunkenstein) that they become a stiff, groaning, glazed eyed, shell of a human being.

A Drunkenstein is necessary to create such a being and the monster usually does what Drunkenstein tells them to do without question.
Last night Mikey bought me so many shots that I became Drunkenstein's Monster and started breaking things. Needless to say we got kicked out.
by Fritopia March 18, 2009
Getting unexpectedly hit in the back of the head
Mike got lincolned by a Frisbee.
by Fritopia March 17, 2009
The state of matter between liquid and solid
You didn't drink your milkshake fast enough and now you are stuck with that thiquid.
by Fritopia March 18, 2009

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