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A pathetically cowardly manager that never stands up for himself and/or his employees. spinelessmeatbagmanager
My manager is such a spineless meatbag!
by Freezulu February 27, 2007
NASCAR's redneck, white-trash, fan base. NASCAR
There was "a sea of NAS-TRASH" at that race!
by Freezulu February 27, 2007
A person who keeps close track of giving and/or receiving. If they give you something, then you automatically owe them something of equal or greater value. If you give them something, then they feel obligated to return the gesture. "Scorecard givers" don't understand that you aren't supposed to "keep score" of giving! See asshole.
I bought him lunch yesterday, so today he was obsessed with buying me lunch. What a scorecard giver!
by freezulu April 25, 2007
A excessively nosey person (usually a nerd). nosey
That info nympho asks way too many questions!
by Freezulu February 27, 2007

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