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Tyrannosaurus Rex proportion level of swagger. Kingly swagger so abundant that it drips like Soul Glo.
Girl 1: Who's that?
Girl 2: Girl that's Will. He's such a swaggasaurus rex!
by Freeloading Will August 08, 2009
Police. See #1. You look at them one time. If you double take or look too long you might attract their attention. In doing so, with a cop with nothing better to do and if in their minds they suspect an ounce of fishy shit going on with you, expect to get followed for a bit so they can check your plates, pull you over and/or get talked to to see what's up with you.
From the movie Street Kings

Coates: Man, we got the one time up in here. Motherfucking po-po. Is there any square cops out there? Or is everybody out for theirs?
by Freeloading Will July 19, 2010
How the british pronounce the word "tune" cause they can't pronounce their T's.
Hey mate that's a catchy chune.
by Freeloading will March 19, 2011
To shit. When you plan on farting but something goes wrong.
Mom: What's that smell?
Lil' James: I pooted.
Mom: Boy in your new pants?
Lil' James: *shrugs*
by Freeloading Will July 19, 2010
Quarter, 25¢. Pronounced qwata.
Yo homie lemme get a quater.
by Freeloading Will March 09, 2008
Gutter pronunciation of chicken.
I'm hungry. Imma go to Popeye's and get me some schicken.
by Freeloading Will March 09, 2008
A dummy. Yogi Bear's homey. Aye Boo Boo.

Boo Boo always went along with whatever Yogi did even though he thought better of the situation. In doing so anyways, he was a perennial accessory to the crime of stealing pic-a-nic baskets.
Everybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates the Gout:

Chris: I was afraid you'd get mad at me for gettin' an F. I thought I could do better next semester. So I changed my grade and forged your signature onto the report card and gave it to Ms. Morello. I thought you wouldn't find out.

Rochelle: *mimicking* I thought you wouldn't find out. Boy what do I look like Boo Boo the Fool?
by Freeloading Will August 09, 2010

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