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A person with bands of gray hair - usually at the temples. Gray-Bar's can be of any age, but they are typically in their 40's or older and usually they are men. However, there are progressive women adopting the Gray-Bar look.

Typically, Gray-Bar's have a lot of experience and may be looked down upon by the Gen Y and Millennial crowd. They don't know everything, but their experience should count for something. Just because they are "old" doesn't mean they don't know anything and that they cannot learn anything new. They can!
Man, that meeting was filled with Gray-Bar's.

I can't believe that Gray-Bar was talking about Twitter.
by Freecher July 01, 2010
A commitment that involves your kids. It could also involve other kids that may not be yours, but you still have a commitment with them. For example, a youth sports team or something with the neighborhood kids.

Great parents will use this word to let others know that they value the time with their kids and want to spend their free time with them.

Lame parents will use this word as an excuse to get out of something they don't want to do and don't have the guts to say no to.

Smart people (that may not have kids) will use this word to get the time off they need to give something back to their community by helping out with youth sports and other ways to get kids involved and learning.
Sorry guys ... I cannot make it tonight because I have a kidmitment. Alternate use: Hey folks I need to wrap this meeting up to leave by 5 for a kidmitment.
by freecher July 09, 2010

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