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A feeling which you very rarley come across and when you do, you find yourself doing everything within your power to make sure it has no way of dissapearing. You feel this one person could keep a smile and more upon your face for the rest of your days, you feel that feeling where you have to swallow because your thoughts are becoming too much, will go on forever. In fact, you know. No matter who tells you any different you carry on thinking the agape love towards your significent other. You'd give up all you had and not expect it to ever come back again, just for this one person. You would tell this person at every chance possible that you love them and not even suspect that it was being overused, because everytime you would use it, you would mean it, you would feel it, you would realise that this actually saying was nothing compared to what you woudld actually like them to know, but in fact was the closest way of telling them. You would never imagine a day without them in it, you would never imagine a night without them by your side, you would never imagine a dream without them not leaving you within an inch. Love is undescriable and therefore my feelings can only be written down amongst a bunch of words and then left to be read and understood by ones self who feels this prodigious feeling too.
i love you and if you only try to understand that, youll know a minute feeling of what i feel for you
by Free Demi September 11, 2009
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