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A quick and dirty snack (e.g. the kind of burger you get from a kebab van that you suspect is rat meat), especially when drunk or stoned.
Come on guys, I'm starving. Let's get a cheeky nosebag, eh?
by Freddy Ngabwe April 03, 2007
What happens when someone has all the outward signs of listening to you but you find out when you finished speaking that they haven't heard a word you said, either because they never noticed you start or they became completely engrossed in something else they were doing.
I can't believe you just bassiled me then when I was talking to you. That is so rude!
by Freddy Ngabwe January 21, 2009
A derogatory word for a woman. Often used in a sexually agressive context.
Steven took that gibsy home and gave her a damn good spearing.
by Freddy Ngabwe March 27, 2007
A location, landmark or point of interest that is extremely popular with tourists
You need to book hotel rooms early in Bath as it is tourist-tastic and they fill up fast.
by Freddy Ngabwe April 03, 2007
Any of a suite of dodgy meat products purchased from a mobile eatery (e.g. a kebab van owned by a man called Stelios) often found in car parks within close proximity to nightclubs.
I feel dead rough this morning. I think it must be that filthy ratburger I got from "Kebab Ye" on the way home from "Shades" last night.
by Freddy Ngabwe April 03, 2007
The state of being on ones own
Nobody was around so I had to watch the football mano alono in my flat.
by Freddy Ngabwe April 03, 2007

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