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A replacement of the word "fuck", used around parents, siblings, or even if you just don't want say the actual word but want to express that emotion
Ah fnup, I just stabbed my kidney with this dowel! Oh god!
by Frebacca July 25, 2008
1. Super Erect Penor
A word used around gal pals or girlfriends to signal to your bros that you are indeed in trouble if you stand up to do anything, so they help out.

2. Super Exclamation Point
Used to add even more impact than a regular exclamation point
1. You: "Bro, I'm sepping! :("

Her: "What? :/ Can you get me a drink?"

Bro: "Hey, why don't I instead?"

2. "I'm going to leave this fnuping place forever!" *leaves*

"Did he just use a sep?"
by Frebacca July 25, 2008

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