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3 definitions by Freaque nique

Someone who can fart out of the vagina numerous times a second, also known as a queif master
During the slumber party the girls had a "Queif-off". just as it looked like Selma would win her mom(a 36 year-old retired female body builder) walked in the room and queifed like a terrorist holding an assault rifle at the presidential inauguration. she is now Classified as a Class "S" Quief monster and has been nominated to become Quief Queen of the United States
by Freaque nique April 14, 2009
17 7
A GUY that is so sweet it makes girls want to eat his pants
damn candy pants i just want to take your sweet ass home and munch on your sweet ass!!! ;-)
by Freaque nique April 14, 2009
12 11
Sooooo I G.U.E.S.S, But do you want to suck this scrotum???
by Freaque nique April 14, 2009
4 4