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A once proud institution who pisses away a loyal following with obviously bad, money-influenced decisions.

The thrift store for all other major league baseball teams.

A monetary drain upon a city that keeps asking for more and more while continuing to offer less and less. Akin to flushing one's money down a toilet.

The response to the question: can a professional baseball team both suck and blow at the same time?

Complete embarassment.
Baseball Exec: Darn, I just lost my catcher for a season due to his thrid drug scandal, what should I do?
Assistant: I'll call the Pittsburgh Pirates and get their starting catcher. I have a used Plymouth I know they'll take for him.

Mayor: I don't understand what happened to all of the city's revenue?
Staff member: I believe we've been Pittsburgh Pirated, sir.

Wow, last night I drank so much that I urinated in my pants, cried like a baby for hours, and then I left the bar. I think a made a complete Pittsburgh Pirate out of myself.
by Fraud Exposer June 26, 2009
The tireless effort taken by FOX network programming, which is done under the guise of "news," to make every conservative candidate of their choice appear more popular and politically-intelligent.

Conservative sham machine.

The network of the uneducated douche-bag led by a mentally defective televangelist, a fat-bodied hate-machine and a morning show with a douche who actually has a name befitting his network, Steve Doochey.
When a network substitutes "stock footage" to make an inferior political candidate's book-signing, such as Sarah Palin's, to appear much more populated than it was, that network, FOX, is engaged in FOX propaganda. The same applies to conservative "protests" on Washington DC.

When a network creates a "movement" out of thin air and then leads its lemmings into a public declaration of hatred, that network, FOX, has just committed FOX propaganda.

Any network that employees hate-spewing, violence-inducing maniacs such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly is a network willing to whore itself out as FOX Propaganda.
by Fraud Exposer November 25, 2009
Classless sports fans who have turned collective whining into an art form. Best known for pelting Santa Claus with iceballs and booing sick children. Ghoulish houligans who deserve the annual hope-suckage created by the early playoff exits of the Eagles and Flyers.
Clay Aiken is to music what Philly fans are to sports.

If you woke up today in a drunk tank with a black eye, you are likely a Philly fan.
by Fraud Exposer June 29, 2009
A Travel Channel television program about ghost-hunting that is a complete fraud led by a guy named Zak, who behaves like a high school cheerleader. A sorry excuse for evidence accompanied by unintentionally comedic moments where an "investigator" obviously fabricates evidence and/or experiences.

To enthusiastically commit a public fraud amidst self-absorbed douchbaggery.
Viewer 1: Did you see that Ghost Adventurers special on Halloween eve?
Viwerer 2: I did and I will never get those 7 hours back.
Viewer 1: I still don't get it, how does something fail so miserably?
Viewer 2: It's easy - you place everything in the hands of amateurs who are simply giggly about getting air time. It's no different than the old public TV programs featuring high school kids.

The Ghost Adventurers on the Travel Channel remind me of George W. Bush leading us into the Iraq War. What a fraudulent collection of self-absorbed douchbaggery!
by Fraud Exposer November 02, 2009
Humorless twit who acts as a conservative pundit on MSNBC's Morning Joe. Was also once a talentless congressman. When he is on the show, the routine involves him picking fights and routinely losing them. When he is on vacation, the show generally sails forward as effortlessly entertaining. Rumor has it that he has incriminating photographs of someone high-up at MCNBC and that is why they continue to permit him to spew douchbag rhetoric on air. Has an unhealthy case of man-love for Pat Buchanan, another conservative talking-points blowhard.
Joe Scarborough: The way Jon Stewart undressed Jim Cramer on The Daily Show was most unfair. I do not believe our agendas, I mean viewpoints, should be questioned people. Just listen and accept; that's what I do when I'm given my Republican talking points.
by Fraud Exposer July 06, 2009
Desperate NFL football franchise that embarks on a yearly pilgrimage to "almost, but not quite good enough." From T.O. to the dog-fighter who introduces himself to women as Ron Mexico, there isn't a scumbag this team isn't willing to sell its soul to in its effort to finally win a Superbowl. Of course, like all other NFL teams, its player collection of ignorant, arrogant malcontents mirrors the city it represents. A team that has always been and will always be green with envy of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
When I sit down to watch tabloid television, I usually tune in to the Philadelphia Eagles game, because although I know I'm about to watch a bunch of losers, I also know I just might see a pretty funny train wreck as well.

Eagle fan: My team is the greatest ever; we win games!
Steeler fan: Are you high? Every team "wins games," but the Steelers win Superbowls and lots of them!!!
Eagles fan: Oh really, we beat the Cowboys that year you guys lost to them in the Superbowl.
Steelers fan: Ha ha ha ha ha ha; typical dumbass Eagle fan retort. Just plain sad!!!
by Fraud Exposer August 19, 2009
An insurgent; someone or something that works against all those around him.

An individual who collapses, like a house of cards, under pressure.

A weak, tampon-like human being or thing who fails to serve his/its purpose and gives away way too much when the slightest pressure is applied. A useless cuntrag.
You know, Mr. President, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that Rush Limbaugh is trying to tear down our republic from within?
Mr. President: Yes, Rush is such a Neil O'Donnell!

You know coach, I'd like to start and play most of the game, but my daddy tells me that I would wilt like a Neil O'Donnell under the pressure.

Bertha: Sally, my protection simply is not working in my high-flow months.
Sally: I do believe the mistake you've been making is purchasing those over-priced, useless Neil O'Donnells.
by Fraud Exposer July 08, 2009
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