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A Hebrew word currently used in Israel to say Ok or Good
*guy falls of a bike*
Father - Shmeuly, ata beseder?(Shmeuly are you ok?)
Shmeuly- Ken, Aba, Ani beseder.(Yes, Dad, Im ok.)
by Frasier August 28, 2005
A curse word used in Israel which means "son of a bitch" or "son of a whore". You can also say "zona" which obviously means "bitch or "whore".
Royi - Daniel, Ani lezayen tachat otcha! ya ben zona! (Daniel, ima fuck your ass! you son of a bitch)
Daniel - Ken Royi, Ani ben zona ve ima sheli metumtam.(Yes Royi, Im a son of a bitch and my mom is stupid)
by Frasier August 28, 2005

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