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Broward County/SoFla slang for mid grade weed. Zona is usually lime green in color and comes in popcorn sized nugs with a few seeds here and there. It's pretty good blunt weed.
I coped some Zona and Dutch and got stupid high last night.
by Skrilla420 May 16, 2011
Means Arizona for short.
Guy 1: Yo where ya from?
Guy 2: Zona baby!
by Gaza_strip August 16, 2006
99 cent arizona iced tea tall boy
dude 1: dude whats yr favorite zona?
dude 2: Arnold Palmer all the way baby!!!
by Brett Gazes June 18, 2008
zona - jail,prison in russian slang, word itself translates as zone..obvious really.
"on tolko sto iz zoni vishol.." -
"He's just out"
by chris July 03, 2004
1) posers mom
2) crack whore that sells herself out of posers room
3) girlfriend of the stub
4) biggest swinger in litchfield
posers mom her name is zona shes a swinger

canada sucks
by Poser December 19, 2004
a weak-ass jerk kid who gets no action
dude dont be hatin on me! you know you just a zona!
by Larissa January 08, 2005

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