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A Strikeout is possibly one of the most brilliant and best ways to get totally inebriated. The person in question must have ready a fully loaded Bong, a shot of his or her favourite liquor, and a pint of his or her favourite Beer.

The person in question then lights the bowl, takes a nice, long bong hit, then puts the bong down. While holding the weed smoke in, the person proceeds to take the shot of liquor back and then chugs the beer back. After they finish the beer, they exhale the weed smoke.
Guy #1: Man, what a sick party last night eh?
Guy #2: Yeah man, did you see us all doing those Strikeouts? It was so sick!
Guy #1: Dude, I was doing them with you! They must have fucked you up beyong belief
Guy #2: Hells yeah
by Fraser August 29, 2006
Term used by a large black man on Jerry Springer to describe a fat, ugly trailer trash female who was banging her newphew
Black Guy - "You a dirty Skeezer!"
by Fraser November 18, 2004
Billy Bong Thornton was the name of the hooka used in the movie Half Baked. This beautiful hooka was only used when all four friends; Thurgood, Brian, Kenny and Scarface, were getting high together. With this hooka came a smoking ritual in which Thurgood, Brian, Kenny and Scarface all removed their shoes in order to smoke.
Thurgood: Dope has arrived fellas, crank out Billy Bong Thornton
Scarface and Brian: YEA!!
Brian: Ohhh, Billy, good to see you man!
Thurgood: Shoe's off!
by Fraser January 08, 2006
To take a nap, but instead of just sleeping, masturbating before you try to sleep, effectly tiring you out and allowing you to get to sleep faster.
Dan: Yo, I'm off to take a nap
Nate: Hussey Style?
Dan: You know it. Peace
Nate: Peace
by Fraser February 08, 2005
1) A nice, quick handjob, given for the sole satisfaction of the male, the main goal being to snap one off quickly before leaving and not calling the girl back.

2) Used as part of a rugby cheer. The definition is the same as above, and is used in combination to form a rugby cheer of unheard of proportions
1) Man, I got my beansnapped by Shantzy's sister last night, it was intense!!

by Fraser March 18, 2008
One with an insatiable thirst for useless knowledge and an uncanny knack in manipulating others.
Not only did Scott know the gestation period of a hippo, but he also tried to get me to make him a cup of tea. What a turbo data weasel.
by Fraser January 05, 2005
A Girl that you would fuck, and only tell a few people, usually best friends.
Guy 1: Ya, I'd do her, but I prolly wouldn't tell anyone.
Guy 2: Naw, She's a Vespa Platinum, I'd tell a few people.
by Fraser December 02, 2004

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