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5 definitions by Franky Xenoth

Flowers attached to a bracelet to give to a girl for a prom or banquet. This makes less of a hassle for the girl to carry around a bouquet.
I gave a corsage to my gf at the prom.
by Franky Xenoth November 12, 2006
91 16
A super-sweet place in college where you can go and buy all sorts of good food, including a bocadillo. Also the CAS stands for: Collegio Adventista de Sagunto.
Dude! want to go get a bocadillo at the bocasteria?
by Franky Xenoth November 12, 2006
5 1
More than one coin. A form of currency. Usually representing the smaller sums of money. Traditionally made with metals and in a circular shape. Usually, the larger the coin, the more money it is worth.
I have too many coins in my pocket.
by Franky Xenoth November 12, 2006
37 34
Anything that has nothing to do with anything. An antonym of blargen.
That was all just a bunch of glarben.
by Franky Xenoth November 12, 2006
1 2
1) an article which means "for there to be one of". Always followed by a noun. Changes to "an" when followed with a word which begins with a vowel.
2) the first letter of the alphabet.
3) a representation of the highest grade achieved, A "A".
1) A better definition than you.
2) I think the word starts with an A.
3) Dude, I got A " A " on my test!
by Franky Xenoth November 16, 2006
185 283