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To be shouted spontaneously by a member of Antwanism
I slipped on a carelessly placed bar of soap while Doing a Baxter and stabbed my boyfriend! CRINGE!
by Frank October 13, 2004
noun. London slang. Someone who is gay.
adj. Gay.
1. "That bruv's a bit Tarantino"
2. "Don't be such a Quentin, man."
3. "Last night I got me a Quentin Tarantino".
4. "I love QT."
by Frank September 08, 2004
Means "Good Luck" American Indian in origin. There is a town of Skookum near Aberdeen in Washington state. Also a logging company (Skookum Logging),and a Skookum log-yarder. Used frequently by Loggers to describe anything done well.
"Tim was able to fell, buck and yard all of the trees that were marked for harvesting without barking up any of the trees that were designated to be left standing. He did a skookum job"
by Frank October 13, 2003
to return a disrespect
lets go holla at that clown
by FRANK March 23, 2005
a ass, a newbie, a fat man, ugly
i am a nitz!
by Frank August 31, 2003
newbie, ass, ugly, fat, a homo
i am a nitz for biting your thing so hard
by Frank August 31, 2003
insane band straight outta the stamford ska/screamo underground

also see
jesus christ and the moses humpers
the fuck me harders
butt plugs and shoulder shrugs are so underground they dont even know there in the band!
by Frank February 24, 2005
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