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small beach town who's population literally doubles in the summer time. Used to be called Marshvegas for the horseraces at the fair - now it's more because of the lights that never turn off in the center. Not to mention all of the drama that goes on - but what happens in Vegas NEVER stays in Vegas. Lots of partying due since there's nothing else to do - except when the Marshfield Fair is in town, and then we all get drunk and go there.
i love my hometown. :0D
"I'm going home to Marshvegas this weekend, anyone wanna come along for the party?"
by Kait S. December 08, 2005
suburban white wash town. better than duxbury. our parents went to college too so you stuck up duxbury kids can suck it. filled with about 10% wiggers, 90% chill kids. best beaches. NOT POOR.
marshvegas can be boring at times but it's still better than duxbury.
by dangerous February 07, 2005
Small beach town on the South Shore of Massachusetts, recently experiencing unwelcomed suburban retail development. Coined "Marshvegas" in the early 1980's by high school kids who appreciated irony (based on the lack of in-town entertainment, and a ridiculous ban on video games). The majority of Marshfield High grads go to college (UMass Amherst, Bentley, and Boston College rank among their top picks). A fine town in which to live, if you can afford it.
"It's another rockin' night in Marshvegas!"
by Marshvagrant May 19, 2009
1.Poor whitewash town with to many wiggers.
2. Lit up with trashy signs like Las Vegas.
3. Low Class
Marshvegas kids think that they are black
by Frank December 19, 2004
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