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Fisheye (noun)

A slang term describing the situation when having intercourse with a woman from behind you start to put it in her ass, at which time she quickly snaps her head to the side and looks back at you with one eye (like a fish).
Oh man, I got the fish-eye big time last night! It was hillarious!
#fisheye #fish-eye #sex #fish #slang
by francois m December 02, 2006
A girl with a huge ass that can take multiple penises.
Jenna is such a banana bus, we should go party with her tonight.
#banana #bus #huge #ass #party
by francois m February 14, 2008
Making and evil plan and executing it.
In this fight we must be bartesque and we will win
by Francois M February 22, 2005
Noun: Is used to describe a very sexy stomach on a pretty woman, when a man wants to cum all over her stomach.
Man did you see Crystal? She's got a nice cum tummy. I'd bang her all night.
#cum #tummy #bang #sex #stomach
by francois m January 01, 2008
A bitch that pissed you off! A less offensive version of the word Cunt.
Did you talk to Heather recently? She's a tool bucket.
#tool #bucket #bitch #cunt #offensive
by francois m January 01, 2008
A feisty black cat
I was driving and saw Kilcher today.
by Francois M January 25, 2004
a fag, gay douchebag asshole idiot
xJaGGox is a fag douchebag
#xjaggox #fag #gay #douchebag #idiot
by Francois M August 27, 2008
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